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2018 @CBKinsmen Corner Brook Santa Claus Parade


 Please be advised that the Parade Committee, in conjunction with the Autism Society, have once again this year established a Sensory Free Zone. The Sensory Free Zone will commence from the start of the Parade, and will end upon the arrival onto O’Connell Drive. During this time, the use of vehicle horns, sirens, flashing lights (of any kind), loud music, etc. is strictly prohibited. You are permitted to have your float lights turned if they are not flashing. Once you enter onto O’Connell Drive, you are then permitted to use and turn on all the above.

Should you have any questions or concerns on this, please be sure to speak to any one of the Kinsmen Members who are present on Parade day.

Thank you for your cooperation. Let’s make this an enjoyable Parade for all.


2018 Santa Claus Parade 

2018 Float Registration Form

Kinsmen will gladly accept all Candy Donations at
Stan Dawe on Main Street or Riversde drive or at
KRock Studios 1B Cobb Lane

2018Seniors Christmas Party